Diagnostika OBD1 Audi

Audi Trouble Code Info

Audi 5000

NOTE: Do not switch ignition OFF at any time before or during the testing procedure. This will erase the fault memory. The diagnosis procedure will be cancelled if the engine speed is raised above 2000 rpm after the code extraction procedure has begun, or if the ignition is turned OFF.

  1. To test for input faults, the vehicle must be driven for a minimum of 5 minutes. During the test drive, the engine must briefly: Rise above 3000 rpm, Intake manifold pressure must rise above 1.0 bar (0 in. vacuum). This is to ensure that all necessary information is stored in the fault memory.
  2. If the vehicle has a no-start condition, crank the engine with the starter for at least 5 seconds.
  3. With the engine idling or with the ignition ON after cranking with the starter (for a no-start case), insert a spare fuse into the socket on top of the fuel pump relay, for at least 4 seconds.
  4. Remove the fuse and read the fault code from the indicator light in the instrument cluster.
  5. Make a note of the fault code.

    Each fault code consists of 4 blink pulse groups of up to 4 blink pulses each. Between each group of blink pulses there is a pause of about 2.5 seconds. The various fault codes are read by counting the number of pulses in each group (1 to 4), and then combining the 4 groups.
    Once the diagnostic procedure is activated, the display will proceed as follows:

    • Starting signal (light on 2.5 sec)
    • Pause (light off 2.5 sec)
    • Transmission of the 4 impulse groups
    • After the fourth impulse group, a 2.5 sec. pause (light off)
    • Repeat the fault code.
  6. Reinsert the fuse into the fuel pump relay for at least 4 seconds to view the next fault code. Stored fault codes will be displayed one at a time, and in sequence.
  7. Once all faults have been identified, correct as necessary. After the fault has been corrected, repeat the test drive and diagnosis procedure to make sure no other faults are present.
1111 Engine Control Unit (ECU) Defective memory circuits, incorrect Checksum for EPROM
1231 Vehicle Speed Sensor (ABH 4.2 litre Engine) Open or short circuit
2111 RPM sensor Open or short circuit
2112 Timing reference sensor Flywheel pin damaged/missing
2113 Hall sender in distributor Distributor alignment
2114 Hall sender not at reference mark.
2121 Idle switch Switch open circuit
2123 Full Throttle switch inside throttle potentiometer PT Engine Only Switch short ckt, contact 53 constantly grounded Switch defective
2141 First Knock regulation Excessive knock, timing is being retarded by maximum amount
2142 Knock sensor #1 Open or short circuit
2144 Knock Sensor #2, (Cylinders 3, 4, 5) Open or short circuit
2212 Throttle Potentiometer Defective Throttle Potentiometer assembly
2214 Max RPM Limit Exceeded (6793 RPM), ABH Engine only
2231 Idle Speed Valve (ISV) Control, Idle speed adaptation limit exceeded
2232 Mass Air Flow (MAF) Sensor G70 Open or short circuit
2234 Supply Voltage Problem, ECU supply voltage too low or too high.
2312 Coolant sensor Open or short circuit
2314 Engine/Transmission Electrical connection Open or short circuit in wiring between Engine and Transmission
2322 Inlet air temp Open or short circuit Defective sensor or wiring
2324 ECU has Defective Grounds or is Defective (Shown for ABH Engine Only)
2341 Oxygen Sensor Control Limit exceeded
2342 Oxygen Sensor Signal (voltage) is not changing up and down, (ABH Engine Only) Signal shorted to ground or to +12V
2411 EGR Valve Temperature, G98, (ABH Engine Only, California Vehicles Only)
2413 Mixture Adaptation problem, outside of normal range (ABH Engine Only) Too Lean or Too Rich
3242 Oxygen Sensor Circuit (Shown for PT Engine Only)
3424 Fault Lamp Trigger Defective, (Shown for PT Engine) short to + or to ground
4312 EGR Valve N18 (Shown for ABH Engine Only, California Vehicles Only) Signal shorted to ground or to +12V
4334 O2 Sensor Heating Element circuit problem (Shown for ABH Engine Only)
4343 Carbon Canister, Open or short circuit.
4411 Fuel Injectors for Cylinder 1 and Cylinder 5, Open or short circuit
4412 Fuel Injectors for Cylinder 2 and Cylinder 7, Open or short circuit
4413 Fuel Injectors for Cylinder 3 and Cylinder 6, Open or short circuit
4414 Fuel Injectors for Cylinder 4 and Cylinder 8, Open or short circuit
4431 Idle Stabilizer Valve, Open or short circuit
4444 No Faults have been recorded.
0000 End of ECU Diagnostic Output